About Us

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Adopt-A-Pet, Inc’s long term goals are to continue to find loving homes for homeless dogs and cats as well as assist people in the community to find homes for their personal animals. In addition, we continue to educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets as well as proper pet care. We have programs to help reduce the amount of animals euthanized in over crowded shelters.  We will continue to work with other shelters to find ways to reduce the amount of animals killed in over crowded shelters each day.  We look forward to a day when no animal will be without a loving family!

Adoption Policies

Adopt-A-Pet's adoption policies are stricter than many people expect. We believe all pets deserve to live in a clean and loving home where their presence is valued and contributions to their human companion are acknowledged.  For this reason:

  • We carefully screen all adoption applicants.
  • We adopt only to homes where the pet will live indoors as a family member. We do not allow pets to be left outdoors while their guardians are at work or away for long periods.
  • All pets are fixed prior to adoption. Any other pets in the same household must also be spayed or neutered. NO EXCEPTIONS.  We reserve the right to do a home check at any point after the adoption.
  • Some of our pets are older or have a medical condition. Special requirements of the adoptive family may have to be met.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any adoption and the foster home has a say in all adoptions.

Adoption Fees

Fees start at $80 and can go up to $300 depending on the animal. This includes spay/neuter, shots, worming and heartworm, or FIV/FeLV tests, dental cleanings, flea preventative and microchip.  Fees are occasionally discounted at events that are held throughout the year.

We have a special Senior Friends program.  If a person is over 65 and in financial need we will adopt a cat or dog over the age of 5 provided it is a good match for both and waive the fee.  This program is designed for those individuals that do not have any other animals and who are on a fixed income.   We ask if they are able to give a donation.

  Cash and Debit Cards


Animals With Special Needs

We sometimes help injured animals as well as those with illnesses, heartworm, or feline immunodeficiency virus. We work with abused and unsocialized animals so that they can become adoptable companions. These animals can be “sponsored” with a regular donation - a great opportunity for those who can’t adopt.  Diamond, who is pictured here was heartworm postive and left to die.  We treated her heartworm disease and she became a healthy, loving, energetic girl again.  Look at her gorgeous smile.

In 2014, Adopt-A-Pet found loving homes for over 960 cats and dogs and funded veterinary care for some very sick animals.